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Curtin University is the major sponsor of the Curtin Hamersley Comets. As Western Australia’s leading and preferred university, Curtin University has more than 55,000 students currently enrolled, and is known for its high-impact research, strong industry partnerships and commitment to preparing students for jobs of the future. Via Curtin University Sport and Recreation the Comets have access to the Curtin Stadium and Fitness Centre. Through their sponsorship of the Comets, Curtin University Sport and Recreation work towards achieving key aspects of their Curtin Sport and Active Reaction Strategy 2018 - 2023, specifically exposing students to the high performance sports industry.

Hamersley Netball Club Inc. is the major partner of the Curtin Hamersley Comets. Hamersley has been a leading grass roots netball club since its establishment in 1977. Driven by its values of belonging, respect and professionalism, Hamersley delivers a holistic netball program to its members. Through their partnership with Comets, Hamersley members have a direct pathway to the WA Netball League where they can achieve their playing, coaching, leadership and sports administration goals.

Western Australia’s premiere netball competition, the Gold Industry Group West Australian Netball League (GIG WANL) is an elite training and league structure that provides the best opportunities for players, coaches, umpires and officials to develop and maximise their abilities. Engaging eight Clubs, WANL serves as the primary pathway to the West Coast Fever program for West Australian netballers.

Healthway promoting the LiveLighter message is a key partner of Curtin Hamersley Comets through the Gold Industry Group WA Netball League. LiveLighter encourages West Australians to lead healthier lives by changing what they eat and drink, and being more active. 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most or all days of the week is needed for good health.

Bayswater Physiotherapy is a major supporter of the Curtin Hamersley Comets. Bayswater is a vibrant, community based physiotherapy clinic that prides itself of delivering high quality physiotherapy services to ensure optimal health and wellbeing. Offering a range of services, including sports physiotherapy, functional exercise program and post surgical rehabilitation, Bayswater Physiotherapy plays a major role in supporting the wellness of Comets athletes, as well as providing opportunity for Curtin University Physiotherapy students to gain industry experience with the 20U and Men’s teams.

Victory Athletic is a major supporter of the Curtin Hamersley Comets. Victory Athletic is proudly 100% West-Australian owned and operated and is currently servicing and supplying many of the state’s top schools and premier sports clubs, including the Comets, with premium sportswear, accessories, formal wear and head wear. Thanks to Victory Athletic’s support the Comets look great when they hit the court and the gym in their high quality gear.

The Insurance Commission of Western Australia partnered with Netball WA in 2014 to promote the Belt Up road safety message. The partnership sees Western Australia’s premiere netball competition, the Gold Industry Group West Australian Netball League (WANL) clubs receive 8 training balls per team each year; this partnership not only saves the WANL clubs financially however also promoting the Belt Up road safety message and saving lives.

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