Club Patron

Robert Langer (3/10/1948 - 14/9/2023) was the Patron of Hamersley Comets. Rob was born in Perth and was a kind and thoughtful man with high integrity and values. He was well respected in many sports and was known for his leadership and understanding of elite sport.

Rob was a former cricketer who played for Western Australia/Australia in the 1970s and 1980s. His first-class career extended from 1973–1974 until 1981–1982.

Rob graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Education at the University of Western Australia, and went on to not only become a successful teacher but also filled a variety of roles.

Supervisor for Graduate & Undergraduate Students (Edith Cowan University), SCASA Exam Panel Member (Department of Education), General Manager Operations (WACA), General Manager High Performance (WACA), Senior Consultant/Policy Officer Strategic Planning, Policy & Research (DSR), Director of Sport from 1988 to 1999 (Educational Support Catholic Education System), Teacher Advisor (EDWA – Head office) and Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Army, were some of those roles.

Rob’s professional life included crossing paths with many young and talented athletes and students as he continuously occupied roles which strived to help people to be or become their very best. His commitment to educate students and act in their best interests, encouraging them to become lifelong learners and active members of the community, was second to none. He consistently demonstrated his ability to form positive relationships by acknowledging and encouraging the contributions of all involved and being inclusive by respecting the differences in people and working with it. Rob was a person who tried to extract the positive in everything and everyone, by using his very effective communication skills and reflecting on tasks to find improvements and opportunities.

With such a fabulous professional life and career path, Rob was targeted to become the Founder President of Curtin Hamersley Comets. Rob served as President in 2019 but contributed an enormous amount in 2018 in the preparation and founding of the club.

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