21 Jan 2023
Thank You Ann Marie Becker

Curtin Hamersley Comets would like to thank and acknowledge the commitment from Ann Marie Becker over the past three years at Comets WANL club.

Joining the club in 2020 as Assistant Coach in the Men's program and continuing this role in 2021 – each year we saw a big improvement from the Comets Men's where in their first year in 2019 they were very young and inexperienced or never having played and being convincingly beaten to a GF appearance 4 years later.

Ann Marie continued in 2022 as Team Coach and the lads continued to improve and made the Grand Final, putting in a gallant performance finishing Runners Up.

In the past 2 years we have all experienced Covid in many forms; Ann Marie somehow navigated and dodged the classrooms with hundreds of kids being struck down each day – that was a very stressful time; we hope that 2023 will be so much kinder.

Ann Marie’s love of jigsaw puzzles I think extended to juggling – with FIFO, Tradies, Office Professionals, Teachers and everything in between along with Covid and everything else that comes with being a team coach certainly saw many balls being kept in the air by Ann Marie.

I think our pre-season water program and sprint program with Lynni Foreman has been a hit and your suggestion after we had a number of injuries; to plan for this program was a fabulous idea, thank you.

Fun games was a major strength of Ann Marie’s and lots of laughs and quizzical looks would be displayed with the question – where on earth did you dig that one from? Snake was great fun and the lego building was educational.

In 2022 Netball WA recognised long serving officials of WANL. Ann Marie was a recipient of this award for more than 200 Bench Official games over many years.

The plan was for Ann Marie to take her nurturing ways to our 20U team for 2023, however this didn’t come to fruition with Ann Marie deciding to take a year off WANL. Ann Marie, I really enjoyed my time with you and we had many laughs, some tears, lots of coaching hours and phone calls over the three years.

Best wishes for the future and thank you for your service to Comets.

With love from Lynni and our Comets family

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