17 Jan 2023
Joel Anderson's Retirement From WANL Competition

Curtin Hamersley Comets sadly announce the retirement of Joel Anderson from the WANL Competition after an amazing four years in the Men's competition.

Joel was one of seven allocated players given to Comets in its first year of WANL in 2019. That was a most fortunate day for Comets; unfortunately Joel had a season ending foot injury in this first year of WANL and didn’t get to play.

Everyone in netball knows that Joel casually strolls a 19.6 av. on the YoYo and his 2k splits are ridiculous. His work ethic to rehab from his severe foot injury is an example for others to follow.

Joel we are really going to miss your do or die attitude on court, you certainly have “White Line Fever” and leave nothing in the tank.

We will miss your beautiful pearly white smile, white socks, white compression leggings, white shoes haha. But most of all we will miss your gentle voice and chuckle and that twinkle in your eye whenever something amuses you.

Joel we know that your marathon running continues to be highly successful and hope to see your face around the courts supporting the navy and orange.

Thank you for your service Joel and best wishes for a well earned retirement and if you suddenly get an insatiable desire to play again you know the drill Joely.

With love from Lynni and our Comets family

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