19 Jan 2023
Elliot Clark's Relocated To New Zealand

Curtin Hamersley Comets sadly announce the relocation of our gorgeous EC to the long white cloud and Kiwi neighbours – and “that’s Elliot Clark (without the e) thank you very much."

EC, I remember the first trial you attended at Comets. You were an immediate selection for us and it is fantastic to see the loyalty you have shown to Comets playing your first four years of WANL with us.

Your first year with the club saw cameo playing positions and a few goals per game – the 2nd year we had a conversation and it went like this – EC I need 20 goals from you each game and be able to play attack and defence. The 3rd and 4th year it was ok now we need 25+ goals a game and really play defence – and you did.

Like many, you unfortunately missed your 23U years with Covid, however acquitted yourself very well in the Open Thunder team for 2022. Would have loved to see you play nationals again in 2023 at home in Perth, but not to be.

EC you are a great friend to all at Comets and the netball community.

  • We will miss your – “WOOP” and drive
  • We will miss your – “SASS” and swagger
  • We will miss your – “Work Ethic” in trainings and games
  • We will miss your – “Banoffee Pies
  • Words from your Captain – "Tactical wizard with a strong will, big GA energy. Appreciates a strut back to the centre pass before the balls gone through the hole – haha I see it."
  • Words from Lindy – "How will we replace the biggest Comets hype guy? A friend to all who is the first to welcome newbies to the club – we will miss your sass and long bombs! A GA maestro with the biggest heart-we love you EC."

Thank you for your service EC and safe journey and you know we will retain a spot for your return.

With love from Lynni and our Comets family

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