18 Jan 2023
Blake Smith's Retirement From WANL Competition

Curtin Hamersley Comets sadly announce the retirement of Blake Smith from the WANL Competition after an amazing three years with Comets in the Men's competition.

Blake Smith! The king of the one-percenters. We wanted to first thank you for your endless contribution to Comets.

Off court you’ve been an instrumental part of supporting players across all teams, being an ear and a top notch listener and always willing to raise your hands to help. You have been a tremendous leader at the School Holiday Clinics and I know you have a cult following and the kids will really miss you.

Your kindness extends to sending personal messages to little kids wishing them best wishes on their birthday (Tallan was stoked to receive your message).

The men’s team especially is going to miss your can-do attitude, kind heart and team-first mentality. As a player, you’ve grown exponentially where you’ve played multiple positions, found your voice on court and demanded a high standard from those around you.

In 2022 the club acknowledged your above contribution to Comets overall and rewarded you with being one of our Club Captains. You carried out this role with exceptional professionalism.

We wish you all the best in the next chapter and can’t wait to see what’s in stall next for you. Don’t be a stranger mate, thank you for your service Blakie and the door is always open. You will be hugely missed.

With love from Lynni and our Comets family

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