9 Jun 2022
Curtin Hamersley Comets First Milestone

This Friday the Women's Open team will take the court for the 50th time in a WANL match. In the club’s short history they've already made their mark taking part in semi finals in 2021 and finals in 2020 in the Open competition.

The club would like to thank the Comets member community past and present for their support and service, especially those that have been on the ride from the beginning.

Those that have contributed to the club from inception are:

  • Lyn Pemberton (Board and Coach)
  • Kevin Maunder (Player and Coach)
  • Nicole Mann (Coach)
  • Sam Morgan (Manager and Subcommittee)
  • Charo Moore (Manager)
  • Michelle Cox (Coach and Subcommittee)
  • Sarah East (Player)
  • Toni-Marie Smith (Player)
  • Georgia Morgan (Player)
  • Mia Henderson (Player)
  • Elliott Clark (Player)
  • Wade Moore (Player)
  • Shelagh Newham (Subcommittee and Manager)
  • Alexis Stevens (Head Coach)
  • Rob Langer (Club Patron)
  • Al Kennedy (Subcommittee)
  • Leanne Bruce (Subcommittee and WANL Bench)
  • Bayswater Physiotherapy (Sponsor)
  • Victory Athletic (Sponsor)
  • Curtin University (Partner)
  • Hamersley Netball Club (Partner)
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