24 May 2021
Curtin Hamersley Comets Value Our First Nations People

The Curtin Hamersley Comets value our First Nations people. We wear this design proudly and hope to spark conversations. We will use the strength of this design to connect with and elevate Aboriginal voices and people. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

Our design represents the dreaming stories of the families of the four First Nations players at Comets; Toby Millar of the Larrakia people, Jack Davis of the Kukatja people, and Jamaica and Scarlet Jauncey of the Yawuru people.

The netball is surrounded by the seven players on court. The waterways represent connection, as water sustains all living things on our planet. The frog hands represent the Larrakia people and the Cubillo family dreaming story, with the five points on the hand representing the five major family groups in Darwin.

The Luurnpa (kingfisher) is sacred to the Davis family, it is brave, strong and clever, and saved the lives of the thirsty Kukatja ancestors by leading them to drinking water. Wilber tarn-i, Wilber nin-Dan, Wilber born-coo. Comets are strong, Comets are clever, Comets are brave.

The turtle represents the defensive side of the game with its hard, strong shell. In the centre of the turtle are Kangaroo tracks that represent the attacking part of the game: fast, agile, big leaps and tough. On the shell there are six symbols to represent six members of the Jauncey family.

Also, you can see djindas (stars) which represent the namesake of the club, and footprints which show the shared journey we are on.

Thank you to our apparel and mechanise partner Victory Athletic for producing our Indigenous Uniforms and for your generous sponsorship.

In addition, thank you to the Gold Industry Group for their sponsorship towards our Indigenous uniforms.

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